Colegio Nueva Granda exceeds top international school norms on the advanced index of education quality.

The world’s largest accrediting agency, AdvancED Corporation, rated Colegio Nueva Granada as significantly exceeding international school norms on the Index of Education Quality (IEQ) that results from its comprehensive school evaluation process. This recognition for CNG along with the distinction for five year re-accreditation was announced on October 25 by Dr. Vicki Denmark, Vice President of Education Innovation for AdvancED.

CNG performance was considerably higher than AdvancED Network Average (AENA) based on rating averages generated in the accreditation evaluations completed at over 32,000 schools worldwide. Dr. Denmark served as Lead Evaluator in conducing a comprehensive evaluation of the school along with a six-member External Review Team with educational experience in 15 different countries.

In the comparison of CNG’s external evaluation results and the AdvancED Network Average (AENA) comprised of all schools accredited by AdvancED worldwide, the school significantly surpassed international school norms with 400 points as the highest possible score.

Teaching and
Learning Impact
319.05 267.91
Leadership Capacity 372.73 292.67
Resource Utilization 381.63 284.48
Overall Score 345.42 278.03

In addition to reporting CNG’s ratings on the IEQ, the External Review Team also identified and reported five major commendations for CNG related to highly qualified and extensive faculty and staff, stakeholder shared commitment to the school’s vision and purpose, effective governance of the Board of Directors, comprehensive and safe campus infrastructure, and the school’s collaborative culture committed to meeting the diverse physical, social, and emotional needs of all students.

Development and Community Affairs Office advances CNG’s strategic relationships and future goals.

The Development and Community Affairs Office serves a vital role in helping develop and implement our strategic plan to raise funds to advance our innovation goals at CNG. They are also responsible for creating events and activities, outreach campaigns, and communications to maintain and build strong relationships with CNG’s community: parents, students, staff, alumni, and partner organizations. The Development Team also plays an important role in seeking new donors and strengthening connections to expand our fundraising potential in order to help us reach the forward-thinking goals that CNG strives to achieve for 21st-century learning and innovation: a new approach to conceptual learning to achieve greater levels of excellence in Educating the Mind, Strengthening the Body and Developing Character. By Building Connections, Building Partnerships, Building Knowledge, and Building Experiences, we are ultimately BUILDING CNG’s FUTURE.

Dr. Eric Howard Habegger
CNG Director